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The Arvo Fanny - Haze

$32.89 USD

The Arvo Fanny is lightweight, it’s functional, and it holds all your stuff. It’s a no-brainer. Canvas crossbody bags for women, whether used for travel, shopping, or any other foray are a great choice when you need a bag that isn't big and heavy. You can pack the things you need and leave all of the other stuff at home.

Canvas crossbody bags for women with a strap that crosses your body add a measure of theft deterrence. And having your hands free is a very convenient feature. The Arvo Fanny has an added feature of two straps, one black and another that matches the bag color. Hey, every woman likes to have choices!

  • Canvas exterior with silk inner lining
  • Adjustable shoulder strap (Each bag comes with 1 black and 1 bag-matching strap)
  • Multi-cord Access Port (headphones, chargers, etc.)
  • Lightweight and holds all your basics
  • Approximately 7.5" Tall X 6" Wide X 1.5" Deep 

Check out all the colors available to you. The Arvo Fanny is a great bag to use every day as well, so pick up a couple that match your outfits! 

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