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Ways to Wear + Style Fray Jeans

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We are loving frayed jeans this year, the simple texture and style pairs so well with so many tops and jackets!  We especially love fray jeans that have a slight wash to them, either a light or medium wash.  But how to you wear and style them?  Here are our favorite ways to wear and rock your fray jeans!

1:  Pair your fray jeans with a cozy, boxy sweater!  Specifically with skinny fitting fray jeans, having a looser top compliments the tighter fitting bottoms.  We also love tucking the front of the sweater into the jeans!

2:  Pair your fray jeans with cute ankle boots or flats!  Shoes make all the difference with jeans, and can make or break an outfit!  Keeping neutral tones with your shoes also helps when pairing with a colorful top. 

3:  Fray jeans pair perfectly with a simple top, either left out or tucked in the front!  We love pairing neutral tops with jeans, or add a cute simple pattern!  

4:  Throw on a long coat or jacket!  With the skinny fit and fray detail, adding a longer coat or jacket fits perfectly over this style of jean!

To wrap it all up, adding cute booties or flats with a simple patterned or solid top and jacket makes for a perfect outfit with your fave fray jeans!!  

-Blush Lane

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