NEW STYLES FOR THE NEW YEAR with Blush Lane Boutique

With each new year comes new fashion trends!  We are sharing some of our favorite women's fashion trends for 2020 with you!  Colors, styles, and prints, we've got you covered!  


Ribbed Tops!  These are a lightweight top that are perfect to layer with a cardigan, jacket, skirts, or jeans!  

Ribbed Tops


2:  Puffer Jackets!  We love simple puffer jackets to get you through the cold months of the new year!  We have so many women's puffer jackets available in different colors and styles to keep you covered!

Puffer Jackets

3:  Combining prints and solids.  This is one of our favorite fashion trends, we love combining different prints and textures in clothing!  Here is an example:

Combining prints and solids

44:  Leopard Print!  We love this print for 2020!  

Leopard Print


Whatever you choose for fashion in 2020, don't forget to mix prints and solids, keep colors vibrant, and layer!  Happy New Year!!


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