2017 Spring Fashion Trends

As the seasons change, so do the fashion seasons. Many women’s wardrobes change to reflect the spring style they desire. What is spring fashion? For some, it is a casual look with a simply lightened up wardrobe; baseball caps, light linen or cotton tees, flip flops, and layers for those cooler spring days. For others, it might be taken up a notch. As we all know, some women’s fashion trends scream runway fashion. Whatever your women’s spring style is, you won’t want to miss these 2017 spring fashion trends.


Some of spring’s most popular women’s fashion colors are pink and blue in shades across the spectrum. Pinks vary from light pink, true pink, rose pink, to bright pinks almost hitting fuchsia. Blues trending in women’s spring style are being seen in muted darker blues and lighter blues as well. These colors are unabashedly feminine and you won’t want to miss these spring fashion colors making their way into your spring wardrobe.

Casual Looks with a Pop of Color and Fashion

While it’s fun to dress head to toe in styles that scream spring fashion, it isn’t always appealing to do so from head to toe. Another women’s spring fashion trend is dressing casual – jeans, a cotton top – but then adding a fun pop of color and fashion with your choice of shoes. Bright colored high heels are at the top of the women’s spring fashion trend list.

Statement Earrings

Large statement earrings that brush the shoulders are making for a jaw dropping spring fashion trend. Brightly colored statement earrings add a pop of color and interest and a new dynamic to your outfit.

Out With the old, In with the New

Some women’s style trends last for some time while others come and go quickly. One women’s style that has lasted for some time, but seems to be creeping its way back out, are floral prints. Yes, that’s right. The highly coveted floral print. What seems to be taking the place of floral prints? Women’s fashion is showing that minimalistic women’s styles are making their way into the fashion scene. These minimalistic styles include soft solid colors like mauve, light blue, and navy blue and stripes in more light simple colors. While dresses have always been in women’s fashion, throw-on-and-go summer dresses are on the rise. One simple dress makes for a complete, no fuss outfit.

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