10 pieces every woman needs in her wardrobe!

When it comes to women's clothing, there are certain pieces that every woman should have in her wardrobe!  These are clothing items that pair well with other pieces and are items you can use consistently in your outfits!  


 #1:  a good pair of fray jeans!  And here is why... jeans can easily be dressed up or down, paired with a blouse or t-shirt!  They can also be dressed up with a cute pair of ankle boots or tennis shoes for a more casual look!  And the fray detail adds a little bit of style to the ordinary jean.  

fray jeans

#2:  Simple Stud Earrings.  And why you ask?  These easily match with a casual outfit or a more dressy outfit.  The all-around perfect accessory for any outfit!  


Simple Stud Earrings

#3:  A basic black top.  Yes, the color black is always a must to add to any outfit!  Paired with jeans or a skirt or even a cardigan, a simple black top is always a good match!


A basic black top

#4: A neutral colored sweater, and make that a super cozy sweater, because who doesn't love a soft, comfy sweater to cuddle up to in the winter months?  Neutral colors provide you with the option to wear this piece throughout the year, and neutrals also pair well with denim and sold jackets.  


super cozy sweater

#5: Tassel Earrings.  These adorable earrings allow you to quickly dress up any top or dress in a snap!  The simple colors and detail match so many outfits.  


Tassel Earrings

#6: A solid colored mock neck top!  These tops are so versatile, perfect to tuck into your favorite jeans or skirt!  Adorable underneath a jacket or cardigan too! 


A solid colored mock neck top

#7:  Color Block anything!  Yes, color block clothing pieces are one of our fave trends this year!  We absolutely love this color block dress and the cute midi length with a cozy fit.  And we are loving color block tops as well!  The more the merrier! 


color block tops

#8:  Button Down Dresses.  How comfy and cute is the style of dress, with a mid length and pockets, you can't beat this type of dress!  And the buttons add the right amount of detail to the solid color dress.  

Button Down Dresses

#9: Ankle boots.  These boots are perfect with jeans or even a dress or skirt!  The neutral color makes for a perfect match with so many outfits and the simple heel makes for a comfy fit, easy to wear on a shopping trip or a night out and won't wear you out!


Ankle boots

#10:  A white dress.  We're not talking wedding dresses, but a simple, white dress with detail like buttons or stripes!  White is perfect because you can wear it year round because the color matches well with each season!  

white dress


So just a recap, neutrals are a must as well as color block tops and dresses.  Don't forget to pair these with your favorite pair of frey jeans and ankle boots, and add some accessories with simple stud earrings or tassel earrings!  

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